Resource Types

The following is a list of both officially supported resource types that Concourse includes out of the box, and third-party resource types contributed by the community. At some point we'd like to put together some sort of registry. We're not there yet though, so a list will have to do.

Be sure to read the README file for a resource to know what it does before using it!

Resources Provided With Concourse

The following resource types come with Concourse out of the box, and are officially supported by the Concourse team:

  • The git resource can pull and push to git repositories.

  • The hg resource can pull and push to Mercurial repositories.

  • The time resource can start jobs on a schedule or timestamp outputs.

  • The s3 resource can fetch from and upload to S3 buckets.

  • The archive resource can fetch and extract .tar.gz archives.

  • The semver resource can set or bump version numbers.

  • The github-release resource can fetch and publish versioned GitHub resources.

  • The docker-image resource can fetch, build, and push Docker images

  • The tracker resource can deliver stories and bugs on Pivotal Tracker

  • The pool resource allows you to configure how to serialize use of an external system. This lets you prevent test interference or overwork on shared systems.

  • The cf resource can deploy an application to Cloud Foundry.

  • The bosh-io-release resource can track and fetch new BOSH releases from

  • The bosh-io-stemcell resource can track and fetch new BOSH stemcells from

  • The bosh-deployment resource can deploy BOSH stemcells and releases.

  • The vagrant-cloud resource can fetch and publish Vagrant boxes to Atlas.