Local VM with Vagrant

The quickest way to spin up a fully functioning Concourse is with Vagrant.

Just run the following in any directory:

vagrant init concourse/lite # creates ./Vagrantfile
vagrant up                  # downloads the box and spins up the VM

The web server will be running at

While this isn't exactly production ready, it may be enough depending on your project's needs. Given that Concourse is stateless, you can always hoist your pipeline onto a bigger installation when you're ready, so there's little risk in sticking with the Vagrant boxes while you figure things out.


Note that upgrading Concourse in Vagrant unfortunately requires re-creating the machine, which will wipe out all of your submitted pipelines, build history, etc. If Vagrant gives a warning of A newer version of the box 'concourse/lite' is available!, run the following:

vagrant box update --box concourse/lite # gets the newest Vagrant box
vagrant destroy                         # remove the old Vagrant box
vagrant up                              # re-create the machine with the newer box